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The main purpose of the department is to provide students with in-depth theoretical knowledge in disciplines that are taught and the necessary practical skills for use in the course of further study and production activities for the chosen specialty. The technical condition of equipment and laboratories meet the requirements of the educational process and the level of equipment similar laboratories of leading higher education institutions.

The department was established in April 1966, according to the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of number 199 of 04/05/66, the reorganization of departments Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute as a comprehensive electrical direction. On the basis of this order, with the September 1, 1966 the Department of General Electrical Engineering was divided into two departments: Electrical Engineering and Electrical Machines (order by DM number 164-liters of April 08, 1966). Creation of the Department was due to the need to improve the preparation of students for the electrical sections of the electro-mechanical energy conversion with the latest advances in the theory of electrical machines and electrical materials, as well as to in-depth study of new technical solutions in the design, engineering and production technology of modern and advanced electric machines and devices.

In the first years after the establishment of the department staff created and modernized teaching and laboratory facilities, developed training manuals and guidelines for laboratory practical and course design, to introduce technical means of study and knowledge control.

In 1976 completed a radical reconstruction of the laboratory of electric machines, which resulted in the level of technical equipment and other capabilities it has become fully meet the requirements of practical training of electrical profile. In the following years have been prepared and implemented in the educational process necessary training materials, including four collections of guidelines for laboratory work, guidelines for implementation of student projects by category "Direct current machines," "Transformers," "Asynchronous execution machines" as well as guidelines for the implementation of control works for part-time students. All this is possible by the end of the 70s and is now a modern educational laboratory of electric cars, which allows for laboratory practice of the major sections of discipline "Power Machines": dc machines, induction machines, transformers and synchronous machines.

In 1985, we created a new material for electrical laboratory, equipped with eight universal laboratory tables and a high test facility; modern means of measurement and study of electrical properties of materials, as well as specially made colorful posters that are the classification, application of electrical materials, the basic characteristics of insulating materials, etc. In the discipline of "Electrical Engineering Materials" has developed appropriate teaching literature.

2011 in connection with obtaining a license for the provision of educational services related to obtaining a higher education qualification are the expert and master's degree in 7 (8) .05070107 "Alternative and renewable energy sources", the department became the order of the rector and letting it changed its name - Department of renewable energy sources.

Today the department has highly qualified professor and velocity of the teaching staff, which includes: the winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, three of Doctor of Technical Sciences - Professor, seven candidates of sciences - assistant professors. All faculty members are leading scholars who actively carry out research and development in the field of electrical engineering and electrical technology, including renewable sources of energy.

At the department set up three professional up-to-Specialized laboratory variables that are equipped with the applicable training and test facilities; operates two computer classes networked with Internet access. In the course of the research, a number of facilities for teaching and research stands with the use of renewable energy sources. The department has minifotogalvanicheskaya power plant, solar panels and wind power plant.

During the period of study at the university, our students receive:

  • thorough computer, general technical and technological training for both the electricity and power plants that use renewable energy sources, as well as on traditional electric power facilities, the ability to use modern information technology to manage power facilities that use renewable and traditional energy sources;
  • depth knowledge of the theory and practice of a variety of converters of energy (wind, solar, geothermal, low-potential, the energy of small rivers, secondary energy industry and other non-conventional and renewable energy sources), as well as in related disciplines: electrical engineering, industrial electronics, mechanics, tools and systems automatic control, microprocessor and computer and information technology, etc.;
  • ability to design, construct, implement in production, co-oruzhat and operate electrical and power systems that use conventional and renewable energy sources for energy supply of industrial, municipal and domestic, agricultural facilities, as well as private homes or facilities;
  • skills for research on new types of heat and power generating equipment that uses both traditional and renewable energy sources;
  • management skills, marketing, and market conditions in the audit of electric power facilities and power plants using renewable and conventional sources of energy;
  • students who are studying for the qualification of "Master" at the time of entry into graduate is sure to have publications and presentations at conferences of different levels;
  • the best students have practice and training abroad (in Poland and Germany).
  • Thorough and comprehensive training of our specialists opens up great opportunities for employment in all units of energy: in power plants with renewable energy, thermal power plants, institutions that deal with environmental and energy saving in heating and electricity, industrial, agricultural and municipal enterprises scientific and experimental and design institutions of the energy direction. Primary positions of graduates: electrical engineer, electrical engineer, design engineer, engineer, networking, test and repair electrical engineer, research engineer, researcher, an expert on the use of non-conventional energy sources and secondary industrial production.

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