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Shkrabets F.P. Increasing of fault-free work and safety of electrical quarry grids [Text]: monograp. / F.P. Шкрабець, А.М. Grebenuk, О.І. Kovalev – D.: National Mining University, 2011 – 233 p. – In Russian

The results of the research process to earth faults and broken wire in the distribution quarry and traction networks are presented; The influence of the nature of circuits and neutral grounding modes for operational safety, electrical safety and performance protection is considered; justification and recommendations for the implementation of systems tripping on open wire that turns off the voltage until the wires touch the ground or equipment enclosures is given; recommendations to combat unacceptable glaciations and to provide mechanical resistance wires influence of climatic factors are provided.

For professionals working in the mining industry as well as for graduate and undergraduate students in electrical engineering specialties mining schools and faculties. 


Ecological and economic components of geotechnical Ukraine systems using [Text] / monogr. / Under the gen. edit. G.G. Pivnyak. – D.: National mining University, 2011 – 223 p.

The methodological approach to the integrated use of geotechnical systems of Ukraine, on the basis of economic evaluation and environmental components of the implementation is proposed. It is proved that the basis of energy security is made by coal, and researches of this monograph are directed on improvement of its technology development. Recommendations for the enrichment and reprocessing of energy and mineral resources under variable qualitative composition are given, which focuses on the complexity and selectivity of their use. The proposed approach to energy supply and underground consumers ore and coal mines. 

The book is intended for a wide range of engineering and technical workers of the coal and power industries, scientific research and design organizations. Can be used in the educational process of higher education institutions and secondary vocational schools in the teaching of mining specialized disciplines.


Varenik  E.O.  Ensuring the safety and efficiency of mine electrical installations [Text] / E.О. Varenik, S.І. Vypanasenko, V.S. Dzyuban, N.А. Shidlovskа, F.P. Shkrabets. – D.: National mining University, 2004 – 334 p.

The results of the creation of an RCD for district grids with voltage up to 1200 V, the theoretical basis and practical implementation of the method for determining the phase of the grid with damaged insulation, the results of developing a method and device capacitance measurement and automatic tuning mode of the capacitive leakage currents on the basis of closed-loop control, and functional schematic diagram of the system and leakage protection for mining system voltage 1200 V are stated.

The effect of the neutral grounding into component fault currents and zero sequence parameters for single-phase earth faults in the distribution network of 6 kV, the nature and extent of the influence of grid parameters related to the ground isolation and the mutual phase relationships of parameters and zero-sequence fault current at different operating modes neutral are considered. The developed methods and continuous monitoring and measurement of insulation resistance and capacitance to ground-based network is applied to the bi-frequency operational signals, and a new principle of action and selective protection of the device from asymmetrical damage are given. Also the ways to ensure the security and energy efficiency for electric transport coal mine with an inductive energy transfer are shown.

For professionals working in the coal industry, as well as for graduate and undergraduate students in electrical engineering specialties mining high schools and faculties.


Pivnyak G.G. Systems of coal mines energy efficient [Text] / Pivnyak G.G., Shkrabets F.P., Zaika V.Т., Razymnyj Yu.Т. – D.: National mining University,, 2004 – 206 p.

The problem of the development of scientific and methodological bases of power and energy facilities for power sector coal mines, as well as their reliability and safety is considered. The substantiation of power systems decomposition principles on the level of generalization of electrical loads is given, the new properties and nature of the dependence of technical and economic indicators of mine disparate power grids on the accuracy of the calculated electrical loads are disclosed, inks and relations between the energy and the technological parameters of mining machines are found, some potential for energy production sites and limits governing the ability of energy-intensive installations, new approaches to energy control of mining equipment for underground work are developed.

For professionals working in the coal industry, as well as for graduate and undergraduate students in electrical engineering specialties mining high schools and faculties.


Shkrabets F.P. The analysis of the parameters and processes in the mine electrical networks  [Text] / Shkrabets F.P., N.А. Shidlovskaya, V.S. Dzyuban, Е.А. Varenik – D.: National mining University, 2003 – 151 p.

The results of insulation parameters research of district electrical networks of coal mines and their influence on the processes occurring in the electrical circuits in the power networks of power supply systems for leaks and earth faults are stated. Increase of the nominal voltage and the use of complex electronic circuits in devices has led to the need to protect the creation and implementation of devices that reduce the ground fault currents, including the current through the man who found himself under voltage impact, and provide the required parameters of reliability, accuracy, and sensitivity in the application of volatile elements such as transistors, relays, etc. It took the decision of questions of adaptability and improve maintainability of such devices due to the construction of their schemes under which ensures interoperability of unstable elements without the need for additional control devices.

For professionals working in the coal industry, as well as for graduate and undergraduate students in electrical engineering specialties mining high schools and faculties.


Sokil А.М. The problems of energy saving and reliability of placers extraction and processing technology [Text] / Sokil А.М., Skosyrev V.G., Shkrabets F.P. – D.: Poligraphist, 2000 – 195 p.

In the monograph the concept of energy saving accepted at Volnogorsky mining and metallurgical industrial complex is highlighted. The features of operating electric networks in terms of mining and processing enterprises, the opportunities to improve the operational reliability of the supply and distribution network of 6 kV, power and process equipment, pumps, as well as the automation of control of a power and reactive power compensation are considered.

The book is intended for professionals working in the coal industry, as well as for graduate and undergraduate students in electrical engineering specialties mining high schools and faculties.


Volotkovsky S.А. Power supply of coal mines [Text] / Volotkovsky S.А., Razumnuj Yu.Т., Pivnjak G.G., Teslenko V.I., Shkrabets F.P., Belyj М.М. – М., Nedra, 1984, 376 p.

General information about power supply and electroinstallations of new and reconstructed coal mines is given. Characteristics of modern consumers of the electric power are given, categories of power consumers are defined.The issues of power consumption, voltage selection for power consumers and electricity networks are considered. 

A technique for determining electrical design load, power consumption and compensation of reactive loads is stated. The modern principles of electricity and building reliable and safe power distribution schemes are highlighted. Attention to the optimization of power supply circuits and automated system design is paid. The changes and new trends in the field of electrification of coal mines are reflected. 

For engineers and technical workers of coal mines.


Guide to the development of steep and high-angle coal seams[Text] / Under the gen. edit. S.S. Grebenkin, V.L. Ivanov, Yu.V. Kyvajev. – Donetsk: Donygi, 1994 – 326 p.

The guide shows the scheme of opening and preparation of mine fields and systems development steep seams of Donbass, depending on the conditions of their occurrence, the ways and means of fastening and rock pressure control, flow charts sewage extraction, and maintenance of mining; contains information about the design and selection of the parameters of supports and mining machinery for clearing and preparatory workings using electric or pneumatic power; presents methods to combat sudden coal and gas outburst.

Reference material has the character of a single guidance document for operating modern mines with steep coal seam.

The directory is intended for engineering and technical personnel mines and industrial associations, can be useful design engineers, creating a new technique and is also recommended as a textbook for students of mining universities and colleges.


Pivnyak G.G. Unbalanced damage in electrical circuits  [Text] / Pivnyak G.G., Shkrabets F.P. – М.: Nedra, 1993. – 192 p.: ill.

The methodology of calculation of currents and voltages in the case of residual asymmetric damage in various modes of operation and a wide variation of the neutral parameters of the distribution network is stated. The characteristics of the existing defenses of asymmetrical lesions and results of research on health, as well as new safety devices are given.

For engineering and technical personnel engaged in the development, design and operation of the means of protection and automation of distribution networks in open cast mining.


Pivnyak G.G. Relay protection of electrical installations for open-cast mining [Text] / Pivnyak G.G., Shkrabets F.P., Gorbunov Ya.S. – М.: Nedra, 1992. – 240 p.

The technique of relay protection of distribution grids and systems to the open-cast mining, operating features and the basic types of damage and abnormal modes of operation of electrical networks and power consumers are described. Practical methods for calculating the parameters of emergency operation, the choice of relay protection and its elements are given. The methods of protection of basic electrical equipment and system voltage above 1000 V, as well as modern means of protection of electric-pit mines fault and ground leakage are given.

For engineers and technicians involved in the design and operation of quarry equipment and networks.

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