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Shkrabets FP Electrical engineering, basic electronics and microprocessor technology. Tutorial [Text] / F. Shkrabets, D. Tsyplenkov, Y. T-shirt, A. Ivanov, V. Panchenko, A. Kolb. - D. National Mining University, 2004 - 515 p.

The manual is in two sections. The first, "Electrical Engineering", dedicated to the DC electric current, single-phase and three-phase alternating current, the magnetic circuits and the laws of the electromagnetic field theory, electrical measurement. Presented laws Electromechanics and discusses the main types of electric cars - the transformer, asynchronous and synchronous AC machine and DC machine. The main results from the theory electric drive and the requirements and standards for the prevention of electric shock to persons.

The second section focuses on the basics of electronics and microprocessor technology. It outlines the key provisions of the processes in semiconductor devices, the device features and principle of operation of the main elements of the electronic equipment, the basics of digital technology and operation of microprocessor systems.

For students majoring in areas of the "Mining Engenering" and "Engineering Mechanics" of higher education institutions.

Shkrabets F. Collection of tasks in electrical engineering and electronics fundamentals [Text] / Shkrabets FP, Tsyplenkov DV - D: National Mining University, 2006 - 258 p.

The manual is intended for self-study students in the course of their studies of electrical engineering and electronics basics in practical terms (considering the application questions, problem solving).

The manual has the following structural features: compiled from 13 chapters, appendixes and a bibliography. In turn, each chapter has methodically building a motivated, first served basic formulas and equations on a specific topic of the course, then - a sufficient number of examples of common tasks with the basic provisions and formulas that facilitate the understanding of the program material, and finally - the objectives, intended for self-solutions

For university students who are studying in "Mining Engenering"

Pivnyak G.G. Electrical Machines: Tutorial [Text] / Pivnyak G., Dougan, V., Shkrabets F. - D. National Mining University, 2003 - 327 p.

The principles of construction and the basic theory and design of electrical machines the analysis of permanent and transient. The theory of electrical machines is based on the general theory of electromechanical energy conversion. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of power relations in the machines and their parameters

For students majoring in the direction of "Electrical Engineering" in higher education.

Tsiplenkov D. Design of electrical machines: Ouch. manual [Text] / D. Tsiplenkov, Y. Kuvayev, A. Ivanov, I. Kirillov. Ed. F. Shkrabts. - D.: National Mining University, 2008 - 325s. - Rus. language

The main approaches to the design and methods of computation dc electrical machines and induction motors are the development and repair of renewable robots. Powered by application of tribute komponovaniya and construction of machinery and general industrial explosion-proof performance.

Recommended for students who are studying in areas of training 0906 Electrical Engineering and 0922 Electromechanical

Oleksii B. Ivanov, Fedir P. Shkrabets, Jan Zawilak. Electrical generators driven by renewable energy systems. - Poland, Wroclaw, Wroclaw University of Technology, 2011

The book is devoted to electric generators used for conversion of energy obtained from renewable energy sources such as wind, water, geothermal heat.

The book is dedicated to the AC electric generators that are used for the conversion of energy from renewable energy sources such as wind, water, geothermal heat

Kolb Ant. Theory of electric drive: Manual [Text] / Ant.A. Kolb, A.Kolb - D. National Mining University, 2006 - 511 p.

The main problems of the theory of automated electric, its properties, static and dynamic characteristics of the open-loop and closed-loop systems, methods for controlling the origin and power calculation.

For students of higher educational establishments direction 0922 "Electromechanics". It may also be used by students in electrical engineering specialties, graduate students, researchers in the fields of design and operation of modern electric drive systems.

The Russian-Ukrainian dictionary of key terms and definitions in electrical engineering and electrical machines [Text] / Sost. Y. T-shirt. - D.: NHAU, 2001 - 216 p.

Dictionary contains about 950 Russian terms and definitions in electrical engineering, electrical machines and neighboring disciplines: electrical materials, electric drive and other translation into Ukrainian language as well as English equivalents, short forms and synonyms for having them in the standards

Designed for students in the study of self-control and knowledge of electrical engineering and electrical machines, as well as subjects in which there are such sections. Can be used by an electrician as a reference the terms and definitions of electrical Profile

Electrification of mining. Textbook for High Schools: In 2 Volumes [Text] / Ed. LA Puchkov and GG Pivnyak - Dnipropetrovsk National Mining University Press, 2010. - T. 1. - 503 p., Vol 2. - 599 p.

The authors - leading teachers of specialized university in Ukraine and Russia: G.G. Pivnyak, F.P. Shkrabets, V.T. Zaika, Y.T. Razumny, A.J. Rybalko (National Mining University of Ukraine) L.O. Beams, O.V. Lyahomsky, L.O. Plaschansky, M.I. Chebotaev, V.I. Schutskiy (Moscow State Mining University, Russia);

For students who are studying in the specialty areas of training Electrical Engineering, Electromechanical and Elektrotechnology. Can be used by students of other majors electricity, graduate students, as well as managers and scientists in the design and operation of electrification enterprises

This textbook develops the fundamentals: theory and practice of supply of mining companies, the effect on the electric power supply system, the complex issues of design, installation and operation of electrical Rudnikova. The textbook is made in the form of four sections according to the different specializations training mining engineers, electricians:
- Section 1. General questions electrification of mining;
- Section 2. Electrification of the open-pit mining;
- Section 3. Electrification of underground mining;
- Section 4. Electrification of urban underground construction.

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  • The list of disciplines who study the students in the department of renewable energy sources is given in the plans of the educational process:

    Direction 6.050701 "Electrical Engineering and Technology"
    Specialty " Alternative and renewable energy sources"

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