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Knowledge Branch: 14 - Electrical Engineering

Specialty: 141 - Power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics

Educational and qualification levels:

  • Bachelor (basic higher education) - 4 years, with the possibility of further obtaining a full higher education (Master);
  • Master - 1 year 4 months of training.
  • Forms of training:

  • Daytime;
  • Daytime (shortened).
  • Qualification of specialists:

  • Bachelor - Electrical Engineer
  • Master - electrical engineer in the energy sector; research assistant (electrical engineer)
  • For applicants on the basis of secondary education:

    Certificates of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment:

  • Ukrainian language and literature;
  • Mathematics - profile;
  • Physics
  • For applicants on the basis of educational qualification of junior specialist (on the related field of study):

  • Ukrainian language for professional purposes;
  • Examination in the specialty;
  • Field of activity:

    research, development, manufacture and operation of systems with non-conventional and renewable energy, design, manufacture, commissioning, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment and networks of industrial and agricultural production.

    Primary positions of graduates:

    electrical engineer, electrical engineer, design engineer, commissioning and testing engineer, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment, design engineer, research engineer, researcher, an expert on the use of non-conventional energy sources and secondary industrial production.

    Great opportunities for employment:

  • design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of power plants, including those with non-traditional and renewable energy;
  • heat and power supply systems;
  • industrial, agricultural and municipal enterprises;
  • institutions that deal with environmental and energy saving;
  • research and design facilities energy trend.
  • Training of future specialists is provided by:

  • by studying mathematics and the natural sciences cycles;
  • mastery of computer technology, computer and information technology for the modeling and design of modern electrical equipment;
  • strong professional and practical training in the field of Electrical Engineering and Technology, including the study of the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering, electrical engineering, technical mechanics, industrial electronics, microprocessor technology, tools, and automatic control systems and control, etc.
  • During the period of study at the university, our students receive:

  • computer, general technical and technological training for both the electricity and power plants that use renewable energy sources, as well as on traditional electric power facilities, the ability to use modern information technology to manage power facilities that use renewable and traditional energy sources;
  • depth knowledge of the theory and practice of a variety of converters of energy (wind, solar, geothermal, low-potential, the energy of small rivers, secondary energy industry and other non-conventional and renewable energy sources), as well as in related disciplines: electrical engineering, industrial electronics, mechanics, tools and systems automatic control, microprocessor and computer and information technology, etc.;
  • ability to design, construct, implement in production, build and operate electrical and power systems that use conventional and renewable energy sources for energy supply of industrial, municipal and domestic, agricultural facilities, as well as private homes or facilities;
  • skills for research on new types of heat and power generating equipment that uses both traditional and renewable energy sources;
  • management skills, marketing, and market conditions in the audit of electric power facilities and power plants using renewable and conventional sources of energy;
  • students who are studying for the qualification of "Master" at the time of entry into graduate is sure to have publications and presentations at conferences of different levels;
  • the best students have practice and training abroad (in Poland and Germany).
  • To ensure effective practical training department is equipped with modern laboratories and computer classes, meet the requirements of the educational process and the level of equipment similar laboratories and leading universities of Ukraine and the world.

    International activities

    In the international cooperation programs, students have the opportunity to practice and training in universities and industrial enterprises in Germany and Poland.

    Cooperation with enterprises and practice bases

    An integral part of the educational and professional program for training specialists is the practice of students. It aims to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained during the training, acquisition and improvement of practical skills and abilities. Therefore, the staff of the department of renewable sources are very responsive to this issue: they constantly expand business contacts with industrial enterprises and institutions, sign agreements for the passage of educational, industrial and pre-graduation practices by students of the specialty "Non-traditional and renewable sources of energy".

    During the training and production practice, students under the guidance of the assigned teachers of the department visit industrial enterprises of the energy sector where they have the opportunity to see real objects, get acquainted with technological processes and consolidate theoretical knowledge.

    The Department of Renewable Energy Sources actively cooperates with the following organizations and institutions in the field of traditional and alternative energy:


    Excursion in the practice of a solar power plant "Solar Park Pidgorodnoe"
    (Pidgorodnoe, Dnepropetrovsk)

    Study tour to PS "Uzlova"-150/35/6 "ПАО "ДТЭК Днепрооблэнерго" 

    Central Dispatch Shield ПАО "ДТЭК Днепрооблэнерго"
     with the scheme of power supply (Dnipro)
    Excursion to the metallurgical plant "ИНТЕРПАЙП СТАЛЬ" (Dnipro)

    Excursion to the enterprise "Орель-Лидер"
    Acquaintance with biogas plant
    Excursion to Kamyantskaya HPP

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