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Field of study - 6.050701 Electrical engineering and electrotechnology

License amount of reception - 40 people.

Education at the cost of state budget and under contract.

Educational and skill levels:

  • Bachelor - 4 (2) years of education;
  • Specialist - 1 year of education;
  • Masters - 1.5 years of education.
  • Forms of study:

  • Daytime;
  • Daytime (with a reduced period of study).
  • Qualification:

  • A specialist in the field of electrical engineering;
  • A professional in the field of electrical engineering (electrical engineer).
  • For applicants on the basis of secondary education:

    Certificates of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment:

  • Ukrainian language and literature;
  • Mathematics - profile;
  • Physics or chemistry.
  • For applicants on the basis of educational qualification of junior specialist (on the related field of study):

  • Ukrainian language for professional purposes;
  • examination in the specialty;
  • Field of activity:

    research, development, manufacture and operation of systems with non-conventional and renewable energy, design, manufacture, commissioning, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment and networks of industrial and agricultural production.

    Primary positions of graduates:

    electrical engineer, electrical engineer, design engineer, commissioning and testing engineer, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment, design engineer, research engineer, researcher, an expert on the use of non-conventional energy sources and secondary industrial production.

    Great opportunities for employment:

  • design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of power plants, including those with non-traditional and renewable energy;
  • heat and power supply systems;
  • industrial, agricultural and municipal enterprises;
  • institutions that deal with environmental and energy saving;
  • research and design facilities energy trend.
  • Training of future specialists is provided by:

  • by studying mathematics and the natural sciences cycles;
  • mastery of computer technology, computer and information technology for the modeling and design of modern electrical equipment;
  • strong professional and practical training in the field of Electrical Engineering and Technology, including the study of the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering, electrical engineering, technical mechanics, industrial electronics, microprocessor technology, tools, and automatic control systems and control, etc.
  • Depth knowledge of the theory and practice of different energy converters:

  • wind,
  • solar,
  • energy of small rivers and streams,
  • low-grade geothermal,
  • secondary energy industry and agriculture,
  • other non-conventional and renewable sources of energy.
  • To ensure effective practical training department is equipped with modern laboratories and computer classes, meet the requirements of the educational process and the level of equipment similar laboratories and leading universities of Ukraine and the world.

    International activities

    In the framework of international cooperation programs, students have the opportunity to practice and training in universities and industrial enterprises in Germany and Poland.

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