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Areas of department research

Department of Electrical Engineering, as a division of the National Mining University, was founded in 1966 as a department of electrical machines NMU (at the time of the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute). At the same time began the history of scientific research staff of the Department. The research activities of the department has been and remains associated with the organization and conduct fundamental and applied research aimed at the realization of priority directions of development of science, technology, education, the use of all opportunities to raise the profile of science as a basis for preparation of the scientific, engineering, and teaching staff.

For achievement of the specified purposes on department were put and such main problems were successfully solved:

  • research, development and implementation of advanced systems and methods for electrification in different sectors of the economy and especially the mining industry;
  • the integration of the educational process, science and industry;
  • organization of research work in conjunction with the educational process;
  • the organization of inventive and patent and license work for protection of priority results of scientific researches;
  • training of highly qualified personnel through post-graduate and doctoral studies;
  • training of specialists on the basis of department scientific development use;
  • attracting students to participate in research projects;
  • participation in scientific conferences, seminars and exhibitions.
  • The formation and implementation of research activities carried out by an international collaboration by:

  • the participation of scientists in the department carrying out joint projects with foreign specialists of research and scientific projects;
  • preparation and publication of a common foreign experts monographs, textbooks and teaching aids (such as separate sections on the results of scientific research);
  • the participation of scientists in the department of international conferences and symposia, publishing reports and articles in foreign scientific journals;
  • training of scientists through graduate school of foreign nationality.
  • The research work of the department related to the creation and implementation of systems and electrical systems, appliances, machines and devices to provide increased reliability, efficiency, economy and safety of generation, transmission, distribution and conversion of electric energy mostly in the mining and metallurgical complex and had such directions:

  • development of the theory of electromagnetic processes under abnormal and emergency conditions and complex development of tools, devices and systems for the control and protection for enhanced security and reliability of power supply systems of mining companies;
  • methods and means of monitoring and controlling the parameters of insulation distribution networks 6-10 kV power supply systems in the mines;
  • optimization of modes and structure of networks, volume and characteristics of ways of protection and management taking into account dynamics of change over time these indicators for the purpose of increase of reliability of power supply systems;
  • quality assurance voltage power supply systems in the networks section of the mine based on the development of devices with internal transformer capacitive compensation;
  • energy saving and improve power quality products, industrial motor drives with capacity;
  • study of the energy potential, the justification of methods and technologies for the use of alternative and man-made sources of energy in the industrial regions of Ukraine on the basis of the study of technology and transformation of energy consumption in energy-intensive industries;
  • energy-saving technology blast furnace based on the proposed concept of automatic formation of surface topography of the mine on the grate and the stabilization of the gas flow in the existing blast furnace;
  • improving energy efficiency of housing and communal services through the creation of methods and technologies, transformation and accumulation of non-conventional energy sources and ensure the reduction of energy losses.
  • The main scientific results:

    1. Theory was developed in the process asymmetric lesions in the distribution networks of 6-10 kV developed mathematical models to study fault parameters (voltage and current), which take into account the mode of the neutral complex parameters of distribution networks and the nature of damage (single-phase ground fault, double-circuit on the ground and a ground fault) the patterns of nature and influence of the insulation, the neutral network operating voltage and residual current in networks with different modes of neutral when possible forms of asymmetric damage.

    2. Based on studies of the disturbance pulse position directed an apparatus protection asymmetrical damage quarry distribution networks which respond to all kinds of asymmetric faults in networks with an isolated or compensated star point and directional protection against leakage current for underground distribution networks. Proposed new system of protection of traction networks quarries from all kinds of electrical hazards, including the touch excavator bucket trolley wire.

    3. The effect of the neutral grounding of electrical networks in terms of reliability and electrical power systems in general, the defect distribution systems and electrical equipment, as well as on the performance of relay protection, which allowed assessing each specific mode of neutral and develop recommendations aimed at strengthening the positive indicators of the regimes .

    4. We propose a method for continuously measuring and monitoring the insulation resistance values ​​of composite network to ground under operating voltage, which is based on the use of the network at the same time imposed on the two sinusoidal signals of non-industrial operating frequency. Method for the use of a microcomputer may be used:

  • for the rapid assessment of the level of insulation resistance as the network as a whole and each of the connections of the distribution network;
  • to perform selective protection against leakage and ground fault in the power supply systems independently of the configuration and operation neutral network;
  • for the rapid measurement of the arcing reactor inductance value;
  • to automatically adjust the compensating device in resonance with capacitance distribution network.
  • 5. Powered by providing theoretical and developed the concept of choice-voltage of power supply and distribution networks of underground electric deep ore and coal mines with the technology of mining and geological conditions, the most promising for deep ore mines in the reconstruction of the electricity system, in connection with the development of deep levels, there is the option of using deep input voltage 35 kV only on the horizon depths greater than 1000 m, with the installation of an underground substation 35/6 kV and distribution of electricity on the labor horizon and further to 6 kV, also investigated the possible options of the relay protection and insulation monitoring system of power supply deep mines using the operating voltage of 35 kV.

    6. Achieved scientific justification wider use of alternative and renewable energy sources, namely: rationale and development of systems and technology for a number of hydroelectric small river and industrial wastewater systems and the principles of assessment and use of non-renewable energy resources - technology and passing the gaseous, liquid and solid emissions from coal , metallurgical and other industries, natural gas small gas, gas condensate and oil and gas fields, heat recovery, heat pumps, methods and technologies, energy storage and conversion of non-traditional and industrial sources in the industrial regions of Ukraine, the characteristics and prospects of creating the right set of equipment recommendations of integrated security interest of enterprises and organizations in the use of non-traditional and non-renewable sources of energy and energy resources - legal, economic, political, and social security.

    One of the most important and successful areas of scientific research should be considered as work to improve electricity supply systems of mining companies on the basis of transformer devices with internal capacitive compensation. The work is aimed at improving the quality of electric power at the terminals, first of all, electric mining machines of high power. The idea of ​​the work is to create a high-speed automatic voltage regulators on the basis of the combination in one unit of the power transformer and installation of district longitudinal capacitance compensation, a voltage regulator called transformer and capacitor with a capacitance setting regulatory effect. Structurally it consists of a standard magnetic mine transformer windings which are made of aluminum or copper foil. Initial-phase coil is made of two isolated one from another layers of foil, which is wound on a frame time (in analogy with the capacitor winding) and the secondary - one layer insulated foil.

    At the department also carried out work on energy conservation and power quality products, industrial drive. Improving energy efficiency variable speed drives can be achieved by using the power of the group of common DC bus capacitor bank closed and modern automatic control systems of traditional power quality using the theory of instantaneous power. The result is a reduction of power losses both through regenerative braking energy storage and re-use it to power the electric motor, and due compensation inactive components of the total power on the basis of research energy-exchange processes in electric power systems group with capacity drives.

    Over a long period, the Department of scientists have been working in the direction of research and the creation of electrical and electro-mechanical equipment for the mining industry, in particular, appliances and power supply systems of mobile consumers. Much of this work is aimed at improving the technical and economic performance, reliability and safety of underground electric vehicles. Based on the fact that most economic views of the underground rail systems are electric contact with a power system have been performed research and development aimed at the extension of the scope Rudnikova contact electric in the coal mines. The complex studies performed for such areas as: the ways and means to secure tokosema underground electric vehicles (observed together with the institutions MacNII, Don HUGI datum them. O.O.Skochinskogo) limitation of ground currents and potentials of the rails when transporting contact electric in order to reduce the wear of metal fastening and communications and improve the safety of electric vehicles in the mines (carried out jointly with the Institute MacNII), to study the conditions and methods of ensuring electromagnetic compatibility in the application of electrical current in the presence of interrupts, intrinsically safe power supply system of AC and DC high power.

    Research work related to the creation of energy-saving technologies blast furnace process, carried out at the Department of electric cars in the period from 1968 to 1993. in collaboration with the Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy. Bardeen (Moscow), AK "Tulachermet" and JSC "Chermetavtomatika" (Moscow). The basic idea of this work is to automatically generate the proposed concept relating prejudiced regulatory actions on the radial distribution of batch material on the grate and the gas stream using the parameters of the relief surface material as an important factor of the intermediate domain a process which also characterizes this process substantially affects it.

    Throughout the existence of the Department on the results of scientific research staff of the Department has published more than 300 scientific works (including 10 monographs), received more than 60 patents for inventions. According to the research, and is protected by one doctor for more than 20 master's theses, including two - foreigners.

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