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Field of knowledge 15 - Automation and instrumentation

Specialty: 151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies

Educational program: Digital management systems of energy resources and technologies.

Today, modern production is impossible without automation and digital control systems. Every enterprise is interested in introducing the latest digital technologies and control systems into the production process. For this, a sufficient number of trained highly qualified specialists of this area is necessary. Demand for specialists in automation and computer-integrated technologies is felt by almost all branches of industry in Ukraine.

Specialty 151 is in demand and promising, a feature of the training of these specialists is the in-depth study and application of microprocessor and computer technology in the field of energy. Students not only work with modern computer technology, but also use it to create information and digital control systems that are needed everywhere today - from home to large industrial enterprises. During their studies, students acquire knowledge of electronics, microprocessor technology, master modern computer technology, information technology, and digital control systems in the energy sector.

When preparing the educational program, the results of the international project "Promotion of sustainable development and e-education in higher education" (Germany), in particular, in the part of energy resource management of industrial enterprises (Goal 12 - Responsible consumption) were used and production), which involves the transition to rational models of consumption and production of energy resources.

The activities of enterprises focused on exporting products must meet the requirements of ISO standards. Educators ensure that students master the basics of current international and domestic standards in the field of production (energy, environmental, social standards: ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001), which contributes to solving the problem of staffing enterprises with qualified specialists.

Scope of activity:

Specialists of specialty 151 hold management and engineering-technical positions in the departments of automation and operation of electrical and heating installations, perform work on design, installation, testing and ensuring the operation of automatic and information-measuring systems in the field of energy.

Where you can work after graduation:

  • research and design institutions, centers and laboratories of institutes and educational institutions of the energy sector;
  • companies for the design and support of computerized, automated and intelligent control systems for technological processes in the power industry;
  • application software companies;
  • IT departments of state and private enterprises of our country and abroad;
  • producers of technological process management systems in the power industry;
  • enterprises with automated energy supply systems, including non-traditional and renewable energy sources;
  • In which positions you can work after graduation:

  • computer control systems engineer
  • programmer engineer
  • systems management and maintenance engineer
  • software engineer
  • engineer for operation and repair of control and communication systems
  • administrator of networks and databases
  • engineering and technical positions in automation departments and many others.
  • The list of professions in accordance with the profession classifier DK 003:2010 with changes from 10.25.2021 is given in the educational and professional program of higher education "Digital systems for managing energy resources and technologies".

    Training of future specialists is provided:

  • studying the disciplines of mathematical and natural science cycles;
  • assimilation of computing equipment, computer and information technologies for modeling and designing modern energy resource management systems and technologies;
  • strong professional and practical training in the field of electrical engineering and automation, including the study of the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering, electromechanics, technical mechanics, industrial electronics, microprocessor technology, means and systems of automatic control and regulation, etc.
  • During the period of study at the university, our students receive:

  • thorough computer, general technical and technological training for work at automated facilities of the electric power industry; the ability to use modern information technologies to manage classic energy facilities, as well as those that use renewable and alternative energy sources;
  • deep knowledge of the theory and practice of various systems of automation and management of energy resources and technologies, as well as related disciplines: electrical engineering, industrial electronics, mechanics, means and systems of automatic control and regulation, microprocessor and computer technology and information technologies and etc.;
  • gain skills to develop, design and apply modern software in digital energy resource and technology management systems based on information about them, taking into account system requirements, operating conditions and relevant regulatory and legal documents.
  • modern knowledge in the field of digital energy resource management systems, taking into account their life cycle and the design of multi-level systems for their management, data collection and for forming a database of process parameters.
  • the ability to create and operate computer-integrated energy resource management systems and technologies that provide solutions to the problems of coordinating the functioning of systems and subsystems based on databases of process parameters and their management systems.
  • ability to design, construct, introduce into production, build and operate systems of automation and control of electrical and energy installations that use traditional and renewable energy sources for energy and heat supply of industrial, communal and household, agricultural facilities and structures ;
  • management, marketing and audit skills in the market conditions of energy facilities;
  • Education of students

    To ensure effective training of specialists, students study in modern laboratories and computer classes that meet the requirements of the educational process and the level of equipment of similar laboratories of leading universities of Ukraine and the world. When preparing students, the following are used:

  • computer classes equipped with modern computers and multimedia equipment;
  • training centers and laboratories of the companies Schneider Electric, Sicame, ETI, Siemens, PhoenixСontact, SV-Altera;
  • the possibilities of the Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment "Innovative Geoenergy" are used in the educational process;
  • various specialized laboratories (electric machines, electrical materials, metrology and measuring equipment, etc.
  • Mobility:

  • within the framework of international cooperation programs, students have the opportunity to complete internships or internships in higher educational institutions and industrial enterprises in Germany and Poland;
  • participate in international academic mobility projects in EU countries;
  • to undergo training in a dual form.
  • International Academic Credit Mobility Erasmus+ K107 from:

  • University of Jaen, (Spain);
  • University of Leoben (Austria);
  • Wroclaw Technical University (Poland);
  • University of Reutlingen (Germany);
  • Brandenburg University of Technology (Germany)
  • Mevlan's Turkish exchange program.
  • Summer and winter scientific schools.
  • Cooperation with enterprises and internship bases

    Student practice is an integral component of the educational and professional training program. It is aimed at consolidating theoretical knowledge obtained during training, acquiring and improving practical skills and abilities. Therefore, the employees of the Department of Electrical Engineering take a very responsible approach to this issue: they constantly expand business contacts with industrial enterprises and institutions, sign agreements for the completion of educational, industrial and pre-diploma internships by students of the "Automation and computer-integrated technologies" specialty.

    During educational and production practices, students under the guidance of established teachers of the department visit industrial enterprises of the energy sector, where they have the opportunity to see real objects of automation, get acquainted with the management of technological processes and consolidate theoretical knowledge.

    The Department of Electrical Engineering actively cooperates with the following organizations and institutions in the field of traditional and alternative energy:


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